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  1. Warm greetings from Malaysia!

    I’m happy to inform you that I had the fortune to hear Radio Dialogue via Radio Netherlands Worldwide relay station in Madagascar (MBLOBE) on the short-wave frequency of 12.105 kHz, here in the Kuala Lumpur area.

    Your station was heard from 16.45 to 17.00 UTC on 1 December 2012 with good signal strength and clarity. To give you an idea of how your station sounded in Malaysia at 16.50 UTC, you may listen to this sound file:

    Your broadcast was monitored again on 2 December 2012, from 16.00 to 17.00 UTC. Quality of reception was very good also.

    I’m certain you will find my reception report of these transmissions useful. Should they correctly match your log, I would kindly appreciate a QSL card or Letter of Verification from Radio Dialogue.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon confirming this report and your QSL will be forthcoming. It would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you and all the best!

    Kind regards,
    Timm Breyel
    60, Jalan USJ 14/1F
    Taman Seafield UEP
    47630 Subang Jaya, Selangor

    Station: Radio Dialogue “Giving You A Voice”

    Studio Location: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

    TX Location (presumed): Malagasy Talata Volondry, Madagascar (via Radio Netherlands Worldwide relay station in Madagascar – MBLOBE)

    Dates: 1 and 2 December 2012

    Time monitored: 16.45 to 17.00 UTC (on 1 December 2012) and 16.00 to 17.00 (on 2 December 2012)

    Frequency: 12.105 kHz

    1 DECEMBER 2012:
    Reception (SINPO): 44433 – good signal strength with atmospheric noise and fading, otherwise clear transmission

    Details of programming in vernacular language:
    16.45 – African music
    16.54 – Discussion / interview with a man and a woman, which was moderated by a male announcer
    16.59 – Brief music, followed by silence
    17.00 – Transmission ended

    2 DECEMBER 2012
    Time monitored: 16.00 to 16.35 UTC

    Reception (SINPO): 45444 – Transmitter audio feed had a few hiccups at first and only carrier was heard. Once this was resolved. signal strength was good with slight fading.

    Programme details of broadcast:
    16.00 – Station ID presented by male announcer in English
    16.03 – Discussion in English on abortion. A lady called “Grace” voiced her opinion. Another male listener gave his opinion on sexual responsibility. Other callers voiced their opinions on abortion in Zimbabwe. Programme was moderated by a male announcer with periodic station IDs “Radio Dialogue”.
    16.18 – Station ID presented by female announcers, followed by Zimbabwean music
    16.19 – Station ID, followed by talking in local vernacular from
    a male announcer with Zimbabwean music (1 song)
    16.30 – Broadcast continued with more talk (an interview with a man)
    16.37 – DJ returned with station
    ID, mentioning address, phone number, website, shortwave and FM frequencies and Facebook
    16.39 – Station ID with female announcer, followed by a woman expressing her views on an issue
    16.43 – Brief Music (1 song), then male DJ returned
    16.45 – A discussion between two men
    16.49 – Brief Music (1 song), then male DJ returned with ID, mentioning address, phone number, and shortwave and FM frequencies
    16.51 – Station ID with female announcer, followed by music filler
    16.52 – Music (2 vocal songs)
    16.56 – Discussion with a man talking about “struggling to make ends meet” and “job skills”; woman talking about “lack of job skills” as blame for unemployment
    17.00 – Instrumental music, then transmission ended

    Receiver used: Grundig Satellit 750

    Antenna: elevated 13-meter external 1/4 wave aerial linked to 15 meters of shielded 50 ohm coaxial cable which is fed through an MFJ-956 antenna tuner

  2. Hi guys.

    Just to report that your station gets through to Denmark in a very good quality. I do not really understand the language, but station IDs are in english and you play some good music. My wife is kenyan, so I often enjoy listening to what I can find of african stations.

    Today is 4. June 2013 and broadcast is at 16 to 17 UTC. Frequency is 15105 kHz. Receiver is Yaesu FRG-100 with a small outdoor antenna. SINPO code is 45444 which is excellent!

    Best regards and good luck for the future!

    Michael Meyer, Denmark

  3. Thomas Drescher
    Vierkotter Feld 20
    51503 Rösrath
    August 10, 2014

    Dear Friends,

    today I was successful in monitoring your broadcast on SW 12105 kHz. There were some short announcements a.o. in English, but most of all you had a very nice selection of music. So it was very interesting to receive your signal over here in the vicinity of Cologne in Germany.

    Thus I want to send you my observations made here.

    If correct I should be pleased to receive your QSL-verification in return. That would be a great pleasure to me, and I’m very grateful to you for doing so. Thank you very much for taking the trouble to answer my mail. And I hope to have the possibility to hear more from you and your important work.

    Yours Sincerely

    Thomas Drescher


    Receiver: Tecsun PL-660
    Antenna: telescopic

    Date: 10-AUG-2014
    Time (UTC): 1600-1645
    Frequency 12105 kHz
    SINPO: 55313 (fair overall results due to severe fading)

    Programme: ENGLISH, SHONA, NDEBELE starting with song “Will You Be There” by Michael Jackson – ID a. o. in English: You are listening to Dialogue FM International….this goes out to….Radio Dialogue giving you a voice – song “Zawa Indonga” by Joyous Celebration – again ID and Good morning, live from our studios….getting out of the controls….every Sunday we are doing it live…giving you a voice – then “Zawa Indonga” continued – again station ID and song “Khanyisa Nkosi” by Rebecca Malope – song “Jesus Makes My Day” by Mai Charamba & Fishers Of Men – at 1626 short thought about the way God is working, a.o. God’s covenance in Israel – Radio Dialogue song ending with Community Radio Station giving you a voice now and forever – phone-no. 08080091 – song “Ngophumula Kuwe” by Deborah – again Dialogue song followed by unidentified song again station ID and last song before the news: “Wait On The Lord” by Joyous Celebration

    • joan coba femenia

      Reception report from Spain
      DAY: 01.01.2015
      TIME (UTC): 1630-1645
      FREQUENCY (KHZ): 12115 khz
      LANGUAGE: Shona/Ndebele/English
      Programming details:
      Música étnica africana. En un momento dado, se produce una conversación telefónica entre la locutora y un oyente.
      He adjuntado un fichero de audio donde podrán verificar el registro que hice de la emisora durante unos minutos y la calidad de la recepción.
      Queridos amigos de Radio Dialogue: antes que nada, me excuso por no poder expresarme en su lengua ni en inglés. Les envío un informe de recepción de sus emisiones, desde Altea (Alicante), en España. Me gustaría obtener la tarjeta QSL, si lo encuentran correcto, junto con algún detalle de la emisora. Les anoto, más abajo, los diferentes aspectos del código SINPO, cosa que espero les sirva para conocer cómo se reciben sus emisiones por Europa. Soy un aficionado a las culturas africanas y he encontrado sus emisiones muy interesantes y la música muy agradable. Les saludo afectuosamente desde España.

      Receiver: Etón Satellit 750
      Antenna: Telescopic
      Place of the receipt: Altea (Alicante, España)
      SINPO: 43333

      Please send a card QSL to:
      C. ALQUERIA NOVA, 9-29ª

      Valencia, 29 January 2015

  4. I listened your station the 9th december T 1641UTC on 12115kHz with good signal here in the nort of Italy SINPO43333. I listen with a RX JRC NRD545 and longwire fron Pont Canavese (Turin-Italy). Please verify my report with QSL card to

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