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ZAPU distances itself from expelled members' group

ZAPU has distanced itself from a newly formed group Friends of ZAPU (FOZAPU) led by Retired Colonel Ray Ncube and Mqondisi Moyo saying the party does not require any help from such individuals who were expelled from the organisation.

FOZAPU was formally registered on the 7th of February this year and seeks to assist ZAPU on various programmes that include assisting the expenses incurred during visits to their shrines in neighbouring countries.

ZAPU spokesperson Bensen Dube today said they will not entertain FOZAPU saying its led by people who were expelled from the party.

“We as Zapu we don’t accolade his sentiments and he knows very well he is more of a person who I can refer to as a renegade,” said Dube.

Dube also said the group has not yet approached the party but insisted that they will not open room for cooperation with the expelled members.

“We haven’t received anything message from them as they really know that we are not in anyhow affiliated to whatever the plan,” he said.

He said if Ncube and Moyo are seeking re-admission into the party they should follow proper channels.

Meanwhile, Ncube said they will not just assist Zapu alone but will do so to any organisation that needs assistance.

“It’s not that we have just started but this has been long planned as we seek to tackle even matters that happened during the liberation struggle,” he said, “We are working outside Zapu though we will extensively seek to collaborate with them.”


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