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The new ZAPU National Executive Council.

ZAPU to assume CODE presidency

ZAPU has announced it will assume the Coalition of Democrats (CODE) presidency in April, emphasising the need for unity of opposition parties to dislodge ZANU-PF in the coming elections.

Addressing journalists in Bulawayo, ZAPU president Dr Dumisani Dabengwa said the coalition will enable opposition parties to win elections in the coming polls.

“The coalition is the only one that has gone beyond conjecture and set up functional, informal structures. It is growing and has the ambition of getting all significant players in the opposition to the ruling Zanu PF that has reduced the country to a sorry state,” Dabengwa said.

He said they have been working on a structure that can ensure they achieve their objectives as opposition.

“We have not been preoccupied with gimmicks but with putting together a durable framework for cooperation to achieve agreed objectives.

“Many of you have heard that we recently had a strategic planning retreat at which we went into detail on policy and organisational issues. This is going to continue as we craft a wining combination for 2018. It is not about big egos but about big transitions from corrupt and unaccountable governance,” Dabengwa said

Meanwhile he confirmed that ZAPU is not infested with the so-called unfounded factions that people have heard about.

“There have been occasional stories about alleged power struggles or factions in ZAPU. The connecting thread has been that the secretary general, Dr Strike Mkandla, has been plotting to oust the president, Dr Dabengwa. We would like to state categorically that no such internal struggles or factions exist in ZAPU, contrary to the malicious wishes of the peddlers of this fiction,” said Dabengwa.

He also denounced the rumours that the party’s secretary general is plotting to prevent him from completing his second term.

“Now the peddlers of factions in ZAPU go further to suggest that there is a plot to stop Dr Dabengwa from completing his second term. Such a preposterous concoction is an insult to the intelligence of the alleged plotter and an unwelcomed distraction that will not be allowed to succeed,” said Dabengwa.

CODE came into effect in May 31, 2016 and was signed by Democratic Assembly for Restoration of the Economy (DARE) President – Gilbert Dzikiti, MDC President – Welshman Ncube, Mavambo Khusile Dawn (MKD) President – Simba Makoni, Renewal Democrats President -Elton Mangoma, and Zimbabwe United for Democracy (ZUNDE) President – Farai Mbire.

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