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Ward committee structure

The committee’s structure and the roles of office bearers is as follows;


  • Preside at all general and committee meetings.
  • Sign the approved minutes of all meetings
  • Present an annual report of the activities of the committees
  • Shall be one of the signatories to the club account.
  • Shall monitor all activities of the committee

Vice Chairperson.

  • Assist the Chairperson in all his/her duties
  • In the absence of the Chairperson carry out the duties of the Chairperson


  • Take and keep all minutes of meetings of the committee.
  • Shall be responsible for keeping all records
  • Shall contact other members of the executive committee for meetings and gatherings.


  • Keep all accounts of the Committee.
  • Render financial statements as required.
  • Be responsible for all financial issues of the committee.
  • Submit an annual financial report to the Radio Dialogue office.


  • Be responsible for the organisation and coordination of activities.
  • Shall be an out going and creative person who will market Radio Dialogue and its activities.
  • Shall write reports about all Committee activities.

Two (2) Committee members.

  • Carry out their duties as assigned by the Executive Committee.