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File Picture: ZRP officer pictured carrying spikes at a police roadblock.

Use of spikes rile motorists, residents

MOTORISTS in Bulawayo have expressed anger over the use of spikes by ZRP traffic officers, saying the trend poses a great risk to them as well as passengers.

The police have been of late reverting to the use of spikes in a bid to stop motorists at roadblocks, a move that has led to an open criticism of the force.

Recently, Home Affairs Deputy Minister Obedingwa Mguni said it is illegal for the police to throw spikes at moving vehicles.

The complaints come a few weeks after police threw spikes under a moving kombi, which was carrying passengers in the city centre.

Residents who spoke to Radio dialogue said roads have become a death trap because the spikes are putting people’s lives in danger.

“The roads have become a death trap to us, the police should not throw spikes under moving vehicles with passengers inside, it is unlawful. It is wrong to endanger the lives of the passengers, human rights have to be obeyed at all times,” said one resident Loyd Mlilo.

Mlilo said the police have to desist from using spikes as innocent passengers could be harmed in the process.

“The police should desist from using spikes on the roads because it is creating a war zone in the roads and innocent passengers become involved in such dangerous situations,” Mlilo said.

Another resident Noel Hove said the duty of the police force is to protect citizens and not put lives at risk.

“The police should protect the citizens, instead they are now putting the lives of the public at risk. What will happen if passengers die due to an accident caused by spikes,” said Hove.

Hove added that it is unwise for the police to throw spikes in the middle f the road especially at the CBD.

“Police are stopping motorists anywhere in the middle of the road and this is unwise especially throwing at the CBD.The government should do something about this issue police before precious lives are lost. ” Hove said.

A motorist Jairos Moyo said the traffic police should find an alternative method of dealing with offending commuter omnibus.

“Police shouldn’t be carrying them after all they are a danger to the public, other methods that are not dangerous should be used in enforcing traffic laws and dealing with offending commuter omnibus drivers should be found,” said Moyo.

Recently, the anti riot police was called to intervene when an angry mob wanted to attack the police officers who had thrown spikes infront of a moving kombi which was carrying passengers.

Recently Home Affairs deputy minister Obendingwa Mguni said police officers should only use metal spikes to control traffic and not to the extent of endangering motorists and passengers.

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