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MDCT VP Thokozani-Khuphe

Thokozani Khupe goes bald, mourning ZANU-PF win

MDC-T Vice President, Thokozani Khupe, has vowed to go bald until President Robert Mugabe relinquishes his title and the country holds fresh elections.

Addressing party supporters at the Bulawayo Large City Hall on Thursday, a hairless Khupe said she cut her hair and went bald protesting Zanu PF’s electoral theft.

“What Zanu PF did in the elections was embarrassing. For example the census reported that in Emmerson Mnangagwa’s constituency had 18 000 people but he received 30 000 votes. Where did those other votes come from? That is grand theft,” she said.

Khupe said she was going bald and this style would be her ritual until Zanu PF admitted defeat and stepped down.

“I won’t grow my hair again. I am mourning the illegal win of Zanu PF and praying for the peoples’ wish to prevail. Those of you who want to help me can do so, we do it together.”

The second in command said although MDC-T had failed to prevail as winner, she believed in God and knew the Almighty had not forsaken people.

“If God is for us there is no one who can be against us,” Khupe said.

Khupe’s ritual is not unique, as before elections, MDC’s Secretary General Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga urged women to deny men sex if they do not vote in the upcoming constitutional referendum.

Misihairabwi-Mushonga accused men of not liberating women and added the only way to discipline them was to deny them access to sex unless they voted.

She also added she will cover her head from the day election dates are announced until the actual voting is done, inviting all women to do the same in addition to denying men sex for the time period leading up to the election.

The MDC secretary general extended this request to prostitutes as well.

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