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President Robert Mugabe

Of thinking citizens and sinking government

By Ronald Moyo

We are a thinking generation fighting against the sinking regime. Whilst we are thinking; thinking and thinking how they think we dont think, they have been sinking ; sinking and sinking.

They think we don’t think, but I think we think better than they think, so they should rethink and concede that we think better than they think.

I think this thinking debate in Zimbabwe needs serious rethinking because as much as they think that we dont think, we think as well.

I also think we have reached a point where as ordinary Zimbabweans we think its high time we rethink independence .

We are now thinking beyond the thinking capacity of the sinking regime. If they still think that we don’t think, I think they need to rethink again.

They think that they can manipulate our thinking capacity through propaganda and police brutality, but our thinking has now reached a point where we no longer think fear.

We are now thinking their sinking. For them it has been unthinkable to see an ordinary Zimbabwean thinking beyond their thoughts, but I think the writing is on the wall now that indeed, we think better than they think and they are sinking even deeper than they think .

They need to rethink obout our resources they have been misusing thinking that we don’t think. Lets think about 2,2 million jobs they promised in their manifesto, thinking that we dont think. Its up to them, to think about our missing US$ 15 Billion, because I think we need it as a nation with a sinking economy.

Have you been thinking of Itai Dzamara whom they abducted thinking that we don’t think? I think its high time they bring him back, he has a family to think about. Think of our thinking Grandfathers and Fathers whom the system thought as *_hundi_*,just for thinking about freedom.

I think Mugabe and his regime don’t think at all because if they think they could have seen that they don’t think. Let’s think about it, those who don’t think should not sink this beautiful country.

It is sadening to think that the police also think they think better yet they don’t even think, just like Mugabe and his political ecolytes.

What are they thinking beating up people thinking for their future? The police should think in line with the thinking majority, not sink with the sinking minority. Mugabe thinks he thinks better, yet in actual sense he sinks deeper.

We need the leadership that thinks about the economy, rather than sinking it. We think of a government that thinks for its people, not sinks its people. One of the penalties of being governed by people who don’t think is that independent thoughts are often criminalised.

It is unthinkable to think outside or beyond the thinking capacity of the sinking regime. I think Mugabe and his Cdes in sinking thinks that we still think their downfall is unthinkable. We are now thinking beyond their sinking capacity, they need to rethink.

They think they are the law and the law is Zanu PF, but I think we are getting rid of that as thinking citizens. I think the fact that Zimbabweans are now all over the streets will force them to rethink and concede that we think.

We have been a thinking nation, we will always be, but I think everyone now thinks that this thinking needs to be coupled with action. I don’t think its necessary to ask me what action. As a concerned and thinking citizen you know what is happening on the ground.

Let’s continue thinking beyond the sinking regime characterised by poverty, unemployment, police brutality, abductions and murder. Let’s think for our future generations.

Let’s think, think and think as the sinking regime sinks, sinks and sinks!

By Ronald Moyo @Romms #A Thinking Citizen

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