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Stray elephants in Tsholotsho North stir havoc

A HERD of 200 elephants has reportedly escaped from Hwange National Park and is causing havoc in Tsholotsho North’s Wards 4 and 5.

Radio Dialogue citizen journalist, Norman Ncube said the elephants have destroyed crops from several villages in ward 4 under Headman Mfunda and ward 5 under headman Mcetshwa.

“The elephants have invaded several fields in Mabhandeni, Mfunda, Matshake and Sikali villages, said Ncube.

“They destroyed crops at Gcekeni and Nkwalini villages where a herd of elephants from Forestry area descended to the community fields.”

He said villagers are helpless as they watch elephants feast on their crops as there is nothing they can do to chase them away.

Ncube mentioned that villagers are living in fear of being attacked by the elephants.

“The villagers informed the local authorities and the Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources (CAMPFIRE),” said Ncube.

Efforts to obtain a comment from the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority (ZimParks) are still underway.

This catastrophe comes amid excessive rains that hit in most parts of the country causing a myriad of problems to farmers where their crops submerged in water resulting in low yields.

Tsholotsho is one of the hard hit areas by the recent cyclone induced floods and international community has intervened to help the affected with foodstuffs and clothing.

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