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“We are sidelined from developmental issues” -Youths

YOUTHS in Bulawayo’s Nketa 9 suburb are complaining of being excluded on the constituency’s developmental issues, a situation they said threatens to influence them not to take part on the forthcoming 2018 watershed elections.

They cautioned that there is need for platform to be provided that will facilitate interaction amongst them where they will be discussing issues affecting them.

A youth, Sukoluhle Ncube, expressed disappointment over their leaders who she said are showing signs of being indifferent to their needs and to changing and bettering their lives in so far as development is concerned.

“I believe development begins at community level but we are sidelined when these issues are tackled. How will we take part in national issues if we are excluded in local meetings,” she said.

Ncube said they are in most instances discouraged to attend meetings organised for residents.

“Our concern is on the matter that meetings held in our communities only recognise elderly, you do not find a section to say youths are invited. A meeting invitation note we know as youths we are not welcome and is really demoralising,” she said.

She proposed that there should be meetings for youths alone to enable them push their own agendas and air their views on developmental issues.

Youths said they are one part of the community that is less important to the nation as when they vote people into power, they are later on forgotten about hence they find voting worthless.

Another youth who preferred to be called Moyo pointed out that elections are approaching and to them voting is vanity.

“I do not know why l should vote, l do not have the guarantee that if l vote the problems grinding Zimbabweans will be washed away by whosoever we put into power,” noted Moyo.

Youths added that it makes them reluctant to vote because people they vote in power fail them.

“You vote for someone now, once they are enjoying the luxurious life of being either an MP, President or Councillor they then turn blind eyes to people they are supposed to stand for. How then will our lives be improved with such corrupt and selfless leaders we have today,” cautioned youths.

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