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Residents allege negligence at Mpilo Central Hospital

BULAWAYO residents have expressed concern over the suspected growing negligence of medical practitioners at Mpilo Central Hospital.

The concerns were raised after the residents reported the evident increase in infant mortality.

Residents said despite the fact that the hospital staff has an obligation of informing patients on unavailable yet necessary medication and where to access it, they have failed to fulfil this.

“The hospital staff is neglecting patients and the nurses are not offering the appropriate care that is meant to be given to a person not feeling well,” said Janet Alfred.

Another resident Kethiwe Ngulube, said the hospital is short staffed with at least five doctors for the whole hospital and this is a matter that the government has to look into.

“There are no medical resources at the hospital and there is a great shortage of staff, we are being attended by junior doctors but there is a need for a specialist at the hospital, the government has to look into that,” said Ngulube.

Another resident said the hospital is failing to prescribe proper medication for treatment.

“I was diagnosed with tonsils and high blood pressure, l was given a prescription to buy pills but it was later discovered that the pills were the wrong medication, l had to buy another set of tablets to remove the former from my system,” said Mekwelina Ndlovu.

She said there are also no blankets for patients who are admitted at the hospital.

Responding to the concerns, the hospital’s clinical director Dr Solwayo Ngwenya said Mpilo Central is facing a number of operational challenges due to several factors including the non-performance of the economy.

“Residents should sympathise with the hospital as the economical hardship is affecting the hospital and the government has a lot of issues that it is currently working on,” said Dr Ngwenya.

He appealed to residents to be patient with the hospital since it is big and there are a few doctors and nurses attending to everyone.

“We are currently understaffed and there are a few doctors to attend to everyone, which is why sometimes when patients come in on time they are attended to after a while,” said Dr Ngwenya.

He pointed out there is insufficient equipment which is old and it does not function well, that is why there some patients may complain of dirty blankets.

“Admitted patients may complain about unwashed blankets, the issue is at our boiler that now has old equipment which is not working properly,” said Dr Ngwenya.

He pleaded with residents to bear with the institution as it Is waiting for a boost from government and prospective donors.

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