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New political party formed

ANOTHER political party has joined to contest in the upcoming 2018 elections aiming to gain votes among diaspora and working populace in the country.

Zimbabwe Communist Party has been established and it seeks to play a vanguard role in the countries politics which they deem lagging.

General secretary for Zimbabwe Communist Party, Nqabutho Mabhena, the party seeks to empower workers by advancing their needs.

“We seek to democratise the Zimbabwe State as we continue the transitional journey to a socialist state whose economy and means of production are owned and controlled by the collective citizenry, affording each one of us an equal opportunity to realise our worth potential and excel in chosen fields of economic and social contributions to the country,” said Mabhena.

He said the party will work with the diaspora who are exploited in their host countries a situation while running away from the current government.

“We will work with Zimbabweans workers based in the diaspora, many of whom are exploited by their different host countries, themselves having become economic migrants and refugees thanks to the people exploitative and inhuman policies of the current capitalist government,” said Mabhena.

He said the party seeks to empower and liberate citizens establishing a equal society for all.

“We therefore seek to conscientise our fellow citizens, and eventually establish an equal society void of classes, introduce the party for the working class, the peasants and the poor,” said Mabhena.

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