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Radio dialogue is a community radio initiative whose mission is to provide an information sharing platform for the citizens of Bulawayo and its surrounding areas.Though it has not yet acquired a broadcasting license since applications for community broadcasters have not been invited by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe, it currently concentrates on lobbying for better freedom of expression and initiating and implementing programs that promote cultural, social and human development. As a way of fulfilling its mission Radio dialogue also hosts  the Youth Press Bureau which seeks to transform local youth into wholesome and proactive citizens who are well informed and can freely express themselves .The bureau also seeks to impart journalistic skills to the youth  so that the can become media practitioners and at least citizen journalists.

It also works with local artists to promote their work through recordings, producing audio and video cds and live shows.

Community based radio station.
Medium for community interests.
Vehicle for reflecting the diversity of culture in Bulawayo.
Conscientising the people of Bulawayo on topical issues.
Non tribal
Non partisan
Gender sensitive
Credible and reputable

How does Radio Dialogue benefit the community of Bulawayo?

Radio Dialogue is:
Available to community residents so they can participate, express their needs and wants and discuss issues of interest to their own community.

Accessible to all community members so that they can easily participate and benefit from the station and they can broadcast and listen in all languages spoken in Bulawayo.

Affordable, radio dialogue is affordable to the community it serves and will not be profit making.

It is also Accessible to the people of Bulawayo as a cultural medium, tool for development and will be responsive to the community expressed needs and priorities and community’s expressed needs and priorities and chiefly.

Accountable to the community of Bulawayo through the von going process of interaction and consultation For the first time Bulawayo owns and controls their own means of communication

Why is Radio Dialogue not broadcasting at the moment?
In Zimbabwe, the broadcasting industry has been closed and has not expanded in any significant manner since the country attained independence in 1980.There has been one state broadcaster, the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, and it has dominated Zimbabwe’s airwaves, with some private players being allowed to use the second free to air broadcasting frequency for a brief period in the late 1990s.

Radio dialogue awaits the broadcasting authority of Zimbabwe to call for community broadcasting applicants to enter the industry.

What can you do to support radio dialogue?

You can be part of the campaign for community broadcasters in Zimbabwe by:
·      Telling your neighbour about the advantage s of a community radio station in your area
·      Becoming a member of radio dialogue through your Radio Dialogue ward committee structure
·      Participating in Dialogue’s campaign activities such as road shows & focus group meetings.