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Energy Mutodi

Missing Byo children held by Mthwakazi group, claims Mutodi

ZANU PF apologist cum musician Energy Mutodi has made startling claims that five children who have gone missing in Bulawayo have been captured by a pro-Mthwakazi militia group pushing for the secession of Matabeleland from the rest of the country.

The five school-going children aged between 10 and 18 years from Emganwini and Nkulumane suburbs mysteriously disappeared without a trace since February to date.

In an article posted on his Facebook page yesterday, Mutodi claimed that an organisation known as the Oceanic Omnipresence Organisation, which he founded, released a report that a Mthwakazi group, which was not identified, was recruiting youths from Matabeleland and sending them for training in South Africa.

“A recent (Oceanic Omnipresence Organization) OOO report has also intimated that the Mthwakazi group is busy training in South Africa and has so far graduated 10 youths from Matebeleland who were trained in communism, intelligence, guerrilla tactics and sabotage.

“They are training ahead of launching guerrilla attacks in Matebeleland and the whole of Zimbabwe perhaps starting with the disappearance of school children in Bulawayo which must instil fear and anger among residents, compelling them to advocate for a separate Ndebele State,” claimed Mutodi.

Mutodi said the youths are trained by Ian Beddows (a former Zapu activist), Diliza Mangoye Dhalmini, Andrew Nyathi and the whole operation is being coordinated by Prudence Mpofu, who is a granddaughter of the late veteran nationalist Jason Ziyaphapha Moyo.

Mutodi further claimed that the group has already started its operations in South Africa by attacking Zimbabwean buses in that country.

Recently some Johannesburg-bound Zimbabwean buses were attacked by armed highway robbers in South Africa with passengers losing valuables such as cash, cellphones and other gadgets.

“Works which the Mthwakazi establishment has already accomplished include the robbing of busses carrying Mashona-speaking people as they enter or exit South Africa. The robberies which are being done at gun point are being used as a revenge for Gukurahundi as well as a fund-raising venture.

“They have also successfully burnt busses and lorries carrying Mashona goods at South African bus rank stations and are also to burn travelers alive while going to South Africa, incidents of which would be publicised as xenophobia attacks,” said Mutodi.

Contacted for a comment Mpofu dismissed the allegations as baseless.

“I think he (Mutodi) is an attention seeker. Sadly he is putting my life in danger with his baseless allegations,” said Mpofu.

Asked if he knew the other people mentioned in the article, Mpofu only positively identified Beddows and Dhlamini but has never met Nyathi.

She is she is at the moment consulting with Abammeli Human Rights Lawyers on which course of action to take against Mutodi’s claims.

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