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Prof Ncube dismisses MDC formations unity

MDC President Professor Welshman Ncube has further shrugged off sentiments of unity between his party and the MDC-T ahead of the coming polls.

Speaking at a civic society meeting in Bulawayo this week, Professor Ncube said the only common purpose in the opposition is removing President Robert Mugabe from power and he cannot be forced into a faulty coalition bound by only the desire to get rid of ZANU PF.

“You can’t say let’s remove Mugabe from power when the very first day when Mugabe is gone you are unable to agree on anything else,” he said, “The things which we disagree on are fundamental, they go to the heart of the matter.”

Ncube said the split of the original MDC in 2005 was not unanticipated.

“Some of us worked in the united MDC, there are things which happened which we have not said which we can’t say  even up to now,” said Professor Ncube.

Ncube further narrated how Frank Chamunorwa and some senior party officials were humiliated and stripped by a group of youth members and beaten with belts. He said whenever such culprits were dismissed from the party, “someone” reinstated them.

The MDC President also told the BBC Hardtalk’s Zeinab Badawi in September that an alternative to the ZANU PF administration should not be as violent and corrupt as the MDC-T saying this marks the difference between his formation and the Morgan Tsvangirai led faction.

The MDC split in 2005 after its then president Morgan Tsvangirai attempted to overrule a popular vote by the National Executive Council on the party’s participation in the Senate elections. Tsvangirai went on to suffix his grouping with his surname resulting in the name MDC-T, whilst Ncube’s party remained with the original name.

The two formations tried to unite before the 2008 harmonised elections but the Ncube led MDC alleges that Tsvangirai’s group backpedaled just after a pact had just been reached.

Prof Ncube speaks to Byo civic society


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