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Mangwe villagers petition Chombo to intervene in cattle dispute

Mangwe villagers on the outskirts of Plumtree town have petitioned the Minister of Local Government,Urban and Rural Development Ignatius Chombo asking him to intervene and stop the impounding of their livestock by Plumtree Town Council.

In their letter to the minister which was signed by thirty-six Mangwe officials that include councillors, village heads and VIDCOs, the villagers stated that they cannot afford paying $10 per head to release their cattle.

“We have tried to erect a fence to inhibit these animals but it disappears and further the road maintenance staff has filled up the grids making it easy for these beasts to stray to Plumtree town,” went the report.

They further said they are not happy with the way their livestock is treated while impounded as it is subjected to long hours without feeding.

The secretary for Plumtree Town Council David Dumezweni Luthe confirmed that late last year they were impounding livestock which were straying to the town centre.

He said they were doing it as a way of maintaining sanitation and order in the town.

“We impounded livestock last year but as for this year no cattle have been seen in the town so far,” said Luthe. “We solved the matter and told those people to take care of their cattle, they know the message.”

Meanwhile, Mangwe Rural District Council Chief Executive Officer Middy Mangoye said he heard about these complaints from the residents but is yet to verify with the Plumtree Town Council.

“Though I heard the reports I can neither deny nor confirm them as I am yet to confirm with my counterpart,” said Mangoye.

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