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Fresh concerns over burst sewer pipes in Byo

FRESH concerns have arisen over poor state of sewer pipes amid reports the sewer burst have resurfaced in most suburbs in Bulawayo.

According to the latest council report, councillors acknowledged the problem which they said is now resurfacing throughout the residential areas emphasising the need to re-focus attention to it avoid further deterioration of the infrastructure.

The councillors are worried about the failure by BCC to attend to sewer pipe bursts saying this could result in the situation deteriorating beyond the 2009 era which was characterised by proliferation of sewer spews and disease threats.

Councillor Gideon Mangena said residents in some communities where these burst sewer pipes have been reported have requested relocation from their homes.

“He singled out house numbers 127 and 1550 Nketa 6 where the respective owners had to request for relocation of their houses on account of defection sewer reticulation system in the area, which the Engineering Service Department was apparently failing to rectify,” read the council report.

This problem is not unique to this area alone but various residents suburbs in the city are complaining about this issue as residents from Sizinda suburb are complaining about perennial sewerage flowing in front of their homes.

Councillor Collet Ndlhovu urged councillors to report such issues direct to the relevant departments for quicker results, and not wait for the full council to do so, except if they were doing so as a last resort.

In affirmation with Clr Ndhlovu’s view, Councillor Tamani Moyo said issues must be dealt with extensively at departmental and committee level and not at full council.

The Mayor, Clr Martin Moyo confirmed council was on course of rectifying the problem and contracts were in the process of being awarded.

The Bulawayo City Council recently received a US$37 million boost from the African Development Bank (AfDB) which is channelled towards water and waste-water infrastructure rehabilitation.

This funding is aimed at assisting in the water and waste-water master plan commissioned in 2012 which has been stagnant due to financial constraints.

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