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Pot holes have become a common feature in the city's roads

“Dont fill potholes,remove tar instead,” Lobengula residents

RESIDENTS in Lobengula have urged the Bulawayo City Council to consider removing the tar completely from the roads rather than just filling potholes, as that only damages them further.

During a community meeting that coincided with World Radio Day, Radio Dialogue engaged with Lobengula residents who said the roads needed a complete overhaul because they were past the stage of repairing.

A woman who identified herself as Mrs T Dube said the BCC should stop wasting its resources by filling potholes, which later on resurface especially since it was raining continuously.

“The best solution, council can do is to remove the tar completely and grade the roads, that is if they are failing to rehabilitate them,” she said.

Dube said it was sad to note that roads in the whole city were damaged and most were riddled with potholes.

“Some potholes in Lobengula have turned out to be small dams and people joke that if one fishes inside they will catch fish while others say it has now become safer to stand inside the pothole that to stand on a white line. These are jokes but they indicate the worrying state of our roads. In fact, all the roads in Bulawayo need to be fixed,” she noted.

Another resident, Mbongeni Ncube, blamed the city council for failing to maintain the roads and left them to rot to irreparable levels.

“Instead of resurfacing the roads they put patches and once it starts raining, potholes appear again and this time they grow even bigger than before,” he said.

Ncube indicated that it had become a cycle that every year, city council fills potholes but does not repair the roads.

“The state of our roads will not improve unless the council is serious on road rehabilitation,” he said.

Clever Tshuma chipped in saying the government had to seriously worry itself about service delivery and allocate more funds towards the cause.

 “The bad roads lead to the frequent breaking down of our vehicles, which affects us and now one has to fork out money to fix their car yet same thing will happen when use the road again,” he complained.

Ward 14 Councillor MacDonald Chunga said the city’s financial situation was bad and that had adversely affected service delivery. 

“The city council does not have adequate funds to rehabilitate the roads and this has made councillors become victims of insult from residents, who assume we are not concerned about fixing roads,” said the councillor.

Chunga highlighted that the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) promised to assist the council in repairing roads but had not honoured on its commitment.

“We hear your pleas that council must remove the entire tar on roads but the local government ministry does not allow us to remove it completely, because officials say it draws back development in the community,” he said. 

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