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Demand for goat meat increases: AMA

AGRICULTURAL Marketing Authority (AMA) says goats are in high demand in international markets hence Matabeleland goat farmers should capitalise to generate forex for their produce.

A member of AMA, Martin Maphosa said goat farmers should aim for international markets to sell goat meat considering there is great demand at high prices internationally.

“Farmers in Matabeleland who are into goat farming should start capitalising in goat sales considering their market is intensively increasing internationally,” Maphosa.

He said Arabs import goat meat at a good price which can benefit most farmers.

“Demands for goats have significantly increased with Arabs importing goat meat in huge quantities offering a good price for it. Muslims use goat meat for their religious practises hence the high demand in Arabic countries,” he said.

Maphosa said Zimbabwe can export goat meat to Angola at good prices.

“In Angola they import goat meat at a price of USD $18 per kilogram which is a good opportunity for bringing in forex into the country.

“Farmers need to know big players in the industry who will expose them to such markets,so farmers should create working relations with various stakeholders,” said Maphosa.

He added that Matabeleland farmers should utilise this opportunity to harness international markets.

Meanwhile he urged farmers in grain production to also consider selling to other players instead of only selling their produce to the Grain Marketing board (GMB).

“Farmers should not only depend on GMB as a market for their harvests. There are other markets with good prices where they can sell their produce and obtain a good profit,” said Maphosa.

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