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Dabengwa dismisses dual Vice-Presidency

ZAPU leader Dumiso Dabengwa has criticised the final COPAC draft constitution for retaining the clause providing for dual Vice-Presidency saying it is no longer necessary as it was a political settlement meant to address the pre-1987 crisis.

Addressing journalists in Bulawayo last Friday, Dabengwa said the country adopted the dual Vice-Presidency at the signing of the Unity Accord in a bid to accommodate the two political parties then in a coalition government.

“There should be no debate on two vice-presidents; they should go ahead and have only one vice-president because I can see no justification in having two vices,” said Dabengwa. “I can see the Zanu’s influence in the draft constitution as I suspect the idea of two vice-presidents is theirs.”

He also said the draft constitution, which is now set to be presented to Parliament and then go for a referendum, failed to capture public views on devolution of power, adding his party is yet to consult on how to vote during the constitutional referendum.

“As Zapu we have not yet decided on how to vote because that should come from the people not the leadership.”

Dabengwa further pointed out that they are looking forward to fair and free elections.

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