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What is the Youth Press Bureau?

The Youth Press Bureau is a Bulawayo community based youth initiative which delivers young people’s views to the media on issues that have an impact on the youth.

 Why Youth Press Bureau?

Most young people in Bulawayo have limited opportunities to express themselves on issues concerning them and share their views and opinions with the community at large.The number and types of media for children in Zimbabwe is limited, there is not much on radio, television and in the newspapers for young people.

Why is that a problem?

We believe that you can change the world with children. Our vision is a Zimbabwe where the best interests of children are taken into account. We believe that this can only be done when children and young people are involved in making decisions about their lives and are part of the solution in making it a better place to live for all.

 How will we do it?

Real and meaningful participation is about children being treated with dignity and respect, and giving them the space to express their feelings and opinions, and to have their voices heard.It is about children being given information to be able to form an opinion, make choices, influence decisions as well as contribute to the understanding and to the solutions of social issues.The YPB gives young people an opportunity to share their opinions with the community and encourage them to make a commitment to improving their lives.

How does the Youth Press Bureau operate ?

Students (young reporters and editors) produce newsletter articles, radio programmes and online content that will be syndicated in the adult media on issues that affect them (but are interesting to people of all ages).

Where do the stories go?

Stories produced by students are printed in the newsletter packaged into Topical tunes and broadcast on Shorwave. In addition the YPB has a website which will provide  regular space for articles.

How do students who are members of the Youth Press  Bureau benefit?

Students will receive training in print journalism (newsletter publications), basic radio production, website design and photo journalism. They will also benefit an opportunity to interview extra ordinary people, build leadership, oral written and communication skills, as well as improve their self esteem and confidence.They can become advocates for their peers by learning more about  the key issues that affect them and by attending meetings, workshops, conferences and press briefings.

Who is eligible to become a member?

There are no special requirements except that you have to be a student between the ages of 13-19 years and are curious about the world around you.