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Radio Dialogue together with GIZ has embarked on a Community Safety Programme in two pilot areas in Bulawayo, in Makokoba/Mzilikazi and Pumula Old/Pumula East.  The Community Safety Programme is a community based crime prevention project which brings residents and main stakeholders together to make interventions on issues that threaten security and feelings of safety of communities.

The pilot areas were selected through a baseline study and meetings with Radio Dialogue Ward Committees.  In selecting the pilot areas we considered the following; population density, crime levels, number of problematic areas, number of crowded and busy places, active/effective community that is able to self organise, mobilise and coordinate as well as presence of other organisations in the communities

Makokoba/Mzilikazi and Pumula were selected as our pilot areas. The Ward Committees of the two areas were tasked to identify and invite Community Based Organisations and other stakeholders such as residents associations that were already active in their respective areas to.   Representatives of these organisations together with the Ward Committees formed Community Safety Fora to spearhead activities in the two areas.

The aim of including other stakeholders was to bring together actors who contribute through their work to the stabilization of the community, to support each other and bundle their activities. Through a coordinated and planned approach under the umbrella of Community Safety the work of the stakeholders will have a greater impact. For example organisations working with children can coordinate their advice work with others in that field,  campaign together with the support of residents and the other Community Safety organisations in order to conscientize and activate parents and other members of the community.

The two Community Safety Fora have so far identified “hot-spots” that they intend to make safer and are currently in the process of planning for the implementation of the project.