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Civic movements pester Gvt to address the economic crisis

THE country’s social movements are in a relentless bid to pester government to offer solutions to the economic crises that have resulted in a declining economy characterised by cash shortages and a ballooning unemployment.

Addressing journalists in Bulawayo Tuesday, Zim Movement Bulawayo chairperson Albert Mavunga said the government is out of solutions of solving the cash crises hence the central bank governor Dr John Mangudya should step down.

Mavunga said most Zimbabweans are living in abject poverty and called on Government to radically change key policies and prioritise the lives of the suffering masses and not the political elite.

“We come together in solidarity as citizens of the nation of Zimbabwe, to condemn in the strongest possible terms the shambolic and embarrassing state of our nation, 37 years after attaining independence,” said Mavunga.

Politically, they raised concerns over miscarriage of justice and gross abuse of human rights by the current government particularly the right to demonstrate.

He referred to the last year’s demonstrations which he said the government used its law enforcement agencies to suppress them.

“Over the years and notably over the last 12 months, government has intentionally trampled our rights as citizens. We have been brutally handled and harassed using the justice system simply because we exercised our constitutional right ‘to freedom of assembly and association, and freedom to demonstrate, protest and present petitions’

Economically, he said there is high prevalence of corruption which is still going unchecked.

He alluded to the 15 billion dollar diamond mining revenue and Professor Jonathan Moyo’s ZIMDEF saga.

“Corruption is still un-checked, as we still have no answer to the missing billions yet senior government and political officials live lavish lifestyles in the face of suffering masses.

“Not a single person has been questioned nor has a single report been made public in connection with the missing 15 billion dollars from diamond mining revenue. We challenge Government on clear answers and decisive action on the matter of the stolen US$15 Billion,”

Mavunga also raised concerns over rampant roadblocks saying it is the government’s income generation project aimed at making cash out of the already poverty stricken citizens.

“Everyday we are being tormented by the ridiculous police roadblocks that are designed to do nothing else but siphon money out of us. We challenge government to stop the abuse of justice and police harassment of the citizens.

The movements included #ThisFlag, BUYA (Bulawayo Youth Arise), #SheVotes2018, #Tajamuka/Sesjikile, #ThisGown, #OccupyAfricaUnitySquare #Zimbabwe Yadzoka/Mayibuye iZimbabwe, ZINASU (Zimbabwe National Students Union) ZWIPA (Zimbabwe Women In Politics Alliance) CitizensZW #MyZimbabwe, #LeaveNoYouthBehind, Smile Africa, The Zimbabwe We Want Youth Movement NAVUZ (National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe)

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