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CitizenZW calls for a coalition of all opposition

A DEMOCRACY lobbyist citizen movement which has been dubbed as CitizenZW is calling for a viable coalition of all opposition political parties in the country that will bring change of government and presidency in Zimbabwe come 2018 elections.

CitizensZW is a growing movement of citizens desiring a just, equitable, democratic and prosperous Zimbabwe.

In a petition for a coalition, the CitizensZW said wants a one strong opposition party that will have a leader presiding and being voted for in the 2018 polls.

“We are asking the opposition to give us one presidential candidate for the country, one Member of Parliament per constituency, one senator per constituency and one councillor per ward,” reads the statement.

CitizenZW demanded opposition parties to begin inclusive deliberations now, so as to be ready for elections being held next year.

According to CitizensZW members the coalition is a means to reestablish democracy in Zimbabwe, while sowing seeds for economic turnaround and must serve for only one electoral term.

“We as citizens would like 2018 elections to bring about a change of government in Zimbabwe. We are convinced this will be made possible by a coalition of all viable opposition political parties intending to contest in 2018 elections.”

They said the coalition must be established before or during registration of voters to encourage citizens to vote.

“We make this demand having noted that 32 years of post-independence opposition participation in electoral politics, have failed to bring a change of government and presidency to Zimbabwe,” reads part of the statement.

CitizensZW said they would like to see democratic norms being upheld in Zimbabwe, to the benefit of all citizens, so that they are empowered to apply their talents towards the pursuit of their happiness.

“We note that elections have been held in an uneven electoral landscape, which has included a partisan security sector, electoral body, rigging of elections and widespread intimidation and violence directed towards citizen,” said CitizenZW.

They further encouraged citizens to reject any individuals or parties that seek to hijack the citizens’ dream by contesting in 2018 elections on any other platform other than the coalition.

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