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President Robert Mugabe

Of thinking citizens and sinking government

By Ronald Moyo We are a thinking generation fighting against the sinking regime. Whilst we are thinking; thinking and thinking how they think we dont think, they have been sinking ; sinking and sinking. They think we don’t think, but I think we think better ...

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Zimbabweans are paying the sins of being silent

By Andisiwe Sibindi WHERE are the Zimbabweans who are continuously plunged to the extremities of suffering? Where is this intelligence that Zimbabweans brag about when this country becomes a ridicule of modern politics and of a modern country? Philosophies of change are profound on the ...

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This is where Zimbabwe went wrong

By Andisiwe Sibindi Since the birth of Zimbabwe in 1980, there is no denying that Zimbabwe started to decay sooner than it was born. Politics of vengeance, atavism and reward, economics of egoism and structural violence and social of dominance and subjugation characterised the new ...

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Special Economic Zones: Is there a benefit for Bulawayo?

By Khumbulani Maphosa  Whilst announcing the 2016 National Budget statement last week, the Minister of Finance announced the Special Economic Zones and they were as follows: 1. Bulawayo – leather and textiles 2. Lupane: petro – chemicals 3. Victoria Falls – Gwayi – Binga – ...

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Gwanda CSOT improves infrastructure

By Lungile Ngwenya THE Gwanda Community Share Ownership Trust (Gwanda CSOT) has completed over 10 projects which are aimed at achieving sustainable economic development, education, health care and infrastructure. Gwanda CSOT has been funding projects since 2012 and have ensured improvement of food and health ...

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The demise of education in Zimbabwe

By Trust Gwasunda Education is said to be one of the fundamental needs of a human being, it is also found in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. For an underdeveloped third world country that has been and still is in the economic strife the above notion ...

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Chief Stanley Gwebu ka Mthozima leads Mzinyathi in the local Intwasa Festival

Clad in traditional gear, the chief joined in the traditional dance, there was no doubt he was accustomed to this and was not just putting up a show The area and event. Some 2 kilometre from the turn off to Diana’s Pool and along the ...

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With age comes wisdom: Meet Byo’s centenarian

By Senzeni Ncube The wise say with age comes wisdom—so centenarians must have plenty to share. This is true for one Mzilikazi centenarian who recalls her life experiences. Everyone has their own secret on how they keep the body healthy and strong. People often have ...

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Rural entrepreneurship key in development

The country side commonly known name for rural areas in the United States resemble a much more civilised and economic calm atmosphere than some of our towns back home in Zimbabwe. Urbanisation is not supposed to be a worrying phenomenon; youths in the rural areas ...

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Community care… helping curb TB

By Busani Bafana Ntabazinduna, 2 Sept. 2015 — Distraught and stigmatised, Moses Mdlongwa contemplated killing his son diagnosed with tuberculosis – a curable disease turning into a super killer all thanks to HIV. Mdlongwa (61) had few choices after his wife died of TB. He ...

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