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MDC President, Professor Welshman Ncube

Ncube:The Sour taste of marginalisation

By Professor Welshman Ncube This week I revisit one of my favourite subjects- devolution. When we as MDC fought the last election under the banner of ‘Devolution is our Revolution’, very few cared to pay attention let alone understand the essence of our message given ...

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MDC President, Professor Welshman Ncube

Ncube: Are we Zimbabweans really educated?

By Professor Welshman Ncube If there is anything that avid ‘career’ critics of President Robert Mugabe want to avoid, it is showering him with accolades on how in the early years of his rule he injected critical traction in Zimbabwe’s education system by making it ...

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Could Special Economic Zones be the answer?

By Bridgette Bugalo Although internationally celebrated for their contribution to the growth of the national gross domestic product, there remains a question of the extent to which they will assist women in the Zimbabwe if and when they are finally introduced and areas declared. Following ...

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Getting women to access ICTs

By Noreen Ncube Education is crucial in any society for the maintenance of the social structure as well as in improving knowledge of a certain populace. To access Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) women need to have basic literacy levels, which is therefore essential that they ...

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Stigma leaves Liberia’s Ebola workers high and dry

By Prince Collins Liberia’s Ebola outbreak has been over for a while, so what has happened to all those burial teams, contact tracers, Ebola Treatment Unit health workers, community mobilisers, ambulance drivers? What are they doing now? The answer is not a lot. The majority ...

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Bulawayo: Significant dates in the last 120 years

1893, 4th November – Colonial forces occupy Lobengula’s home, eMahlabathini. 1894, 1st June – Bulawayo declared a town outside Maxim Hotel, Fife Street. 1894 – 1897 – Bulawayo run by Sanitary Board with 50 % elected representation under the Cape of Good Hope Municipal Act ...

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Is CAMPFIRE still relevant to Local communities?

By Dalu Sibanda CAMPFIRE is short for Zimbabwe Communal Areas Management Program For indigenous Resources, a marvel idea in which local communities benefit financially from their resources. These include the sale of hunting quotas, sale of timber, sand and other resources. The community then uses ...

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Know Your City: City of Bulawayo

Founder of the Ndebele State, King Mzilikazi Khumalo arrived in Zimbabwe in 1838. Based initially near Nyathi in 1863 he moved closer to the Matobo Hills founding eMhlahlandlela. After Mzilikazi’s death in 1868 Lobengula Khumalo was crowned king at eMhlahlandlela on 22nd February 1870. Shortly ...

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File Photo of men at a workshop

A call for men to empower women

“Make it Happen”, is the 2015 theme for International Womens Day. But what is it that we must make it happen? This theme and campaign is directed to society – us the people- to push for effective action in empowering women. The struggle for empowerment and ...

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“Dispel menstruation myths”

By Samantha Ndebele Menstruation! Why are you already looking aside? Why is there so much “shhh” when it comes to discussing girls or women’s “periods”? Why is a women’s menstrual cycle shrouded in so much taboo and controversy? Society can talk about sex openly, at ...

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