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Byo residents to enjoy ‘cheap’ internet services

Bulawayo residents will soon benefit from cheap internet services after a local internet service provider approached the local authority to set up WI-FI hotspots in the city’s suburbs.

According to the latest council report, Telco wants to decentralise its services to the suburbs starting with a pilot project in Entumbane which will see internet charges going for as little as $1 per 100 megabytes.

Locals have always complained of the  exorbitant fees charged by internet service providers and this might come as a relief especially to pupils who use the internet for academic research purposes.

“…as part of our Smart City/ Smart Building campaign, we would like to set up our internet hotspots in the township of Bulawayo. This campaign would involve offering internet access to the community in the form of hotspots, branded as Open Access, at your sites country wide.

“This will see you benefiting in a number of ways which will include:- Internet readily available all the time, every time and everywhere, Improved education levels-research and studies resources readily available on line for students, You will be able to analyse and interact with your communities based on the Open Access Database , Modernisation of our city through the cyber world, Reduced cost on internet access to the public.

“For as little as $1/100MB, one can enjoy the fast internet connection. The youth will spend more time doing research and other beneficial internet related activities than being engaged in unlawful activities (drinking and smoking to say the least) This came with no installation or set up costs and will come as a huge development to the community and the city at large.

“We propose to use the tower lights in the area to pitch our equipment and our equipment comes with its own power source. As a proof of concept we will do a pilot project on one site in the area. We offer to do the maintenance of the tower lights in the form of supply of repair materials when there is a fault. This will reduce maintenance cost to the council and making sure there is lighting whenever it is required…,” read part of the letter to council.

Council departments did not object to the proposal with councillors advocating that the service be extended to all the suburbs in the city.

Telco will pay $50 monthly fees and maintain council tower lights as per their offer.

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