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Bubi RDC in asset windfall as World Vision pulls out

Bubi Rural District Council in Matebeleland North has received property worth $184 000 from World Vision as the aid organisation completed its 16-year Inkosikazi Area Development Program this month.

The assets include an office complex and three staff houses at Siganda Business Centre, a 7 tonne truck, a land-cruiser, a motorcycle, 2 tractors, 2 trailers and 2 cultivators.

World Vision’s Bubi District team leader Zwelo Ndebele presented the property to Bubi Umguza Senator Lot Mbambo and other local leaders on Saturday at a farewell and handover ceremony hosted by the organisation.

“We are hoping that the council will better service the community with these assets we have handed over to them,” Ndebele told Radio Dialogue.

Receiving the property on behalf of the local authority, Senator Lot Mbambo proposed that the council should consider housing the police in one of the staff houses as Siganda Police Station is in a deplorable state saying police officers based at Siganda are living in appalling conditions.

However, reports indicate that World Vision had offered to construct a police station in Siganda but ZANU PF politicians shot down the proposal as they were suspicious of a non governmental organisation “meddling” in state security.

Bubi Rural District Council chairperson Cecil Mathambo said the people of Inkosikazi area should benefit from the property more than anyone else in the district. He said the local committee that had been working with World Vision has to brainstorm with the council in coming up with a way of utilising the resources.

Workers stranded?

As the aid organisation pulls out several workers have been left jobless. World Vision operations manager Khumbulani Ndlovu confirmed that they could not absorb all locals who had been employed by the organisation into other existing programs.

Some of those who survived are expected to be absorbed by Nkayi and Sikhobokhobo Area Development Programs but others have to find their own way.

“We are excited in that during their time with the support of World Vision and out of their own accord they were able to advance themselves, some got diplomas and degrees and with the experience they got from World Vision we pray that they get suitable placements elsewhere,” Ndlovu said.

Projects carried out in Inkosikazi Area Development Program


  •  building schools
  • equipping schools with textbooks and other stationery
  • paying levies for orphaned and vulnerable children

Food security

  • establishing conservation farming projects
  • establishing a 40 hectare irrigation system


  • supporting local clinics with drugs and facilities
  • equipping local health workers with bicycles and home based care kits

Economic Development

  • establishment of income generating projects
  • business capacity building workshops
  • provision of loans

Bubi Team Leader Zwelo Ndebele speaks on fate of workers


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