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BCC relaxes water rationing limits by 15 percent

THE Bulawayo City Council has resolved to review water-rationing limits by 15 percent owing to the recent rains received in the 2016 – 2017 season.

In a statement Thursday the local authority’s senior public relations officer Nesisa Mpofu said while the water limits have been relaxed, water rationing remains in force because the current water supply system cannot manage to meet unrestricted demand.

“The five kilolitres of free water allocation per month remains in place for all residential properties,” said Mpofu.

She said the current revision of the water-rationing limit follows the last revision which was carried out in April 2014 when the City had received significant inflows.

“This led to the relaxation of water rationing following two consecutive years of drought,” read part of the statement.

According to council, current water supply in the city’s supply dams is expected to last a theoretical average of 49,3 months, taking into consideration the current consumption patterns, minimal growth population and new connections from future housing projections.

Water rationing for the city has been in force since 1984 due to recurrent droughts, which started in the 1980’s.

The new rationing scheme means that residents in high density suburbs will get 600 litres a day, up from 500 while those in low density will get 900 litres per day inclusive of cottages and servants quarters up from 750.

Hospitals and Clinics will now receive 115 percent of average water period ending March 2014 from 100 percent of average water six months period ending April 2014.

Industrial Consumers will receive 1 litres/m2 a day from 95 percent of average water six months period ending April 2014.

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