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Author pens book on religious enthusiast Mama Mazabane

By Franklin Sibindi

BOTSWANA based Zimbabwean religion enthusiast has penned an inspirational book based on life events of a “once-heaven-guest” Hilda Nanakho Mazabane commonly known as Mama Mazabane.

The book titled, Mama Mazabane: The Life & Ministry of Hilda Mazabane, is Thomas Sibanda’s first publication.

Comprising of 11 chapters, the book covers Mama Mazabane’s life story from the period 1939 to date.

The 237 page publication is about the influence of the Christian figure to the religious terrain of the country and outside.

“This book is an authorised inspirational biography on the life and ministry of Mrs. Hilda Nanakho Mazabane, read the press statement.

“Hilda Mazabane is a celebrated figure in the evangelical circles in Zimbabwe and beyond. She had a near-death experience in 1971, which resulted in her a tour of heaven. It is after this experience that her life was impacted and transformed.”

“After her dramatic experience, she founded the Monday Prayer Group, an interdenominational prayer ministry that has helped groom leaders and provides spiritual support for pastors and ministers of the gospel from 1973 to date.”

The book is also said to cover how the personal life of Mazabane influenced growth of the Pentecostal movement.

Dr. Goodwill Shana of Word Of Life International Ministries on book back cover commentary said the book is an insight of Mazabane as an influential figure in the society.

“This book is a treasure that priviledges us to look beyond the public ministry of Mama Mazabane and discover and be enlightened about the forces that shaped a matriarch and a general. Written in a down-to-earth but pithy and engaging manner, it leads the reader on a journey through her life and lessons learnt in sometimes small but very instructive events and occasions in her life.”

Sibanda is an attorney by profession and a post graduate banking law scholar. He currently operates a commercial law practice in Gaborone, Botswana under the name and style of Sibanda Law Chambers.

Thomas is also an avid researcher of Charismatic church history, particularly in Southern Africa. This book is his first publication of dedicated research on the life of an influential personality in the shaping and development of the Charismatic movement in Zimbabwe.

He was born in the bustling railway township of Sizinda in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

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