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45 years in crime: Bulawayo's serial criminal

The Chronicle recently published the story of a 74 year old Bulawayo man who had been jailed for fraud. It turns out the old man is a serial criminal, he has been on this trade from the 60s. Here is a list of charges that have been laid on him since 1967:

Name: Nkomo Esau Sabelo

ID No: 08-142470D21

May 1967 Harare

Charge: Theft

Sentenced at Harare on 9/5/67 to 5 months with labour.

January 1968- Shabani

Charge: Theft

Sentenced at Shabani on 12/1/68 to $40 or 2 months with hard labour

April 1969

Charge: Theft (bicycle)

Sentenced at Bulawayo to 6 months with labour

March 1970-Filabusi

Charge: Theft of Stock

Sentenced at Filabusi on the 27/3/70 to $30 or 3 months with labour

November 1976- West Commonage

Charge: Theft

Sentenced at West Comm to $15 or 3 months

July 1980-Bulawayo

Charge: Theft

Sentenced at Bulawayo Magistrates Court to $40 or 3 months

June 1981 Bulawayo

Charge: Possession of dagga

Sentenced at Bulawayo to $10 or 15 days

November 1984-Bulawayo

Charge: Theft from employer

Not guilty and discharged

October 1992

Charge: Theft by conversion

Sentenced at Bulawayo Magistrates Court on 22/10/92 to 12 months of which 1 month will be suspended on condition accused pays back to the complainant restitution in the sum of $1 600 through the clerk of court by 31/12/92

Released from Khami Medium on 3/3/93 by amnesty.





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